Born and raised in Venice, Gladis has always been passionate about electronic music and Italian clubbing. These two passions lead her to take his musical journey in 2009. Her travels undoubtedly push her to select destinations with cities which hosting the best clubs, beginning her studies in Barcelona, London, Berlin and Ibiza where she learned new realities, expanding her mind and creates a base for her musical training. His sets are a mix that blends sounds deep, house and techno influences, through which manages to make herself known and to turn her passion into a residence at Tag Club in Venice. During this time she shared the console with many international DJs, gaining more experience that will lead her to attract new collaborations with many national underground scene as Il Muretto, Altavoz, Classic Club, Circle of the Illuminati and many other clubs. Being always in search of stimulation and development she is currently focusing forces in the realization of her own musical productions and new partnerships abroad.

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