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Founded in 2011 by Giuseppe Grillo, the Beatoflife Agency is one of the preeminent agencies representing some the world’s leading music producers and DJ’s. In constant collaboration with other agencies, we promote the booking as a platform which helps artists to evolve through a two-way traffic team work: the booking as a process management mechanism and the artists as the subjects of creation and movement. With agents everywhere we are establishing ourself as a staple in the electronic music industry by maintaining a distinct level of excellence only associated with the Beatoflife brand.

The Beat Of Life project is a diversified Agency and media company with ventures integrating music, management, bookings and communication. Guided by the vision of the founder Giuseppe Grillo.

We stand by our values: Music makes dreams come true. Superhuman work ethic. Family is everything.

Do things different and better. Think Big. Embrace the power of youth. Do well by doing good.

Why be normal?

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Giuseppe Grillo

Director  & Manager

Alberto Ballarani

Manager & Agent

Mattia Sforna

Manager & Agent

Francesco Baldari

Logistic Manager

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Sharon Villani 

Management Assistant 


Leonardo Trentin Lago


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Marco Bergantino

Manager & Agent

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Andrea Geronzi

Tour Manager

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